Multilent prides as one of the leading CBT solution providers in Nigeria.

Our CBT solution has conducted exams for over 1 million candidates and still counting. We started our CBT solution journey with MEX in 2012 and have upgraded to a distributed and robust solution called RAPIDTEST.

RAPIDTEST is a distributed assessment management system, designed to be flexible, highly secured and handles high volume of concurrent candidates.



RAPIDTEST enables question authors to create quizzes, exams, tests and surveys easily using either a local or cloud based authoring manager.
Meaning content authors can create questions anywhere

RAPIDTEST enables authoring of the following question types

  • Single response
  • Multiple response
  • Yes/No
  • True/False
  • Grouped Question
  • Many more


RAPIDTEST eliminates examination malpractices by using biometric technologies that is tightly coupled to the delivery system

Our biometrics module

  • Displays candidate's picture during examination
  • Allows candidate login only after a successful fingerprint verification

Data Security

RAPIDTEST uses end to end security from authoring to delivery and marking.

Our in-built security

  • Stores questions in secured formats
  • Transmit questions from question distribution servers to delivery server over a secured channel
  • Stores candidate's result in encrypted form

Exam Delivery

RAPIDTEST delivers exam to candidates without any hassle. We have factored in metrics and features that gives a smooth experience to the candidate

Our Delivery Features

  • Delivery interface is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Delivery server pulls random questions from question bank
  • Exam delivery is web based and works with any browser
  • Exam delivery has integrated timer that is not affected by the computer's time
  • Exam delivery does not allow candidate have multiple login
  • Candidate can continue exam in a case of network failure
  • Candidate's work saves automatically and continues exam when moved to another computer

Cloud Based Delivery

RAPIDTEST allow exam publishers schedule exams that run concurrently in multiple locations

Our cloud based delivery features

  • Send questions without answers from cloud based distribution server to exam delivery server in exam centers
  • Only authorised personnels can pull questions from distribution server
  • At the end of exam, candidate answers are sent back to the delivery server for marking
  • Questions and answers are transfered over a secured channel
  • Exams can be automatically scheduled from cloud authoring server to cloud distribution server
  • Cloud based delivery system has no single point of failure as multiple servers are used

Reports and Analytics

RAPIDTEST creates intensive and meaningful reports of all activities during exam delivery

Some of these reports include

  • Candidate's exam result
  • Candidate's transcript
  • Biometrics attendance
  • Candidate schedule report for candidates manually added to the exam
  • Candidate movement report for candidates who moved from one computer to another